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THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD - "Slip, slap, slope"

Slip, slap, slope. "The industrial character of the steel louvres is echoed in the folded galvanised steel plates bolted into the wall [that form] the garden's main stairway, which leads you to an unexpected clearing in the bush, a peaceful lawn area."... read more


IN THE ARCHITECTS WORDS. This building was always considered as a subtle extraction of the site, balance of weight and weightless... read more

ARCHETECTURE AUSTRALIA - "Robin Boyd Award For Residential Buildings"

ROBIN BOYD AWARD FOR RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS. A remarkable relationship between client and architect has produced a house that has the intensity and strength of a spiritual place... read more

THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD - "Architecture: The jungle book"

Architecture: The jungle book. The elephants are on their way, but there is not much else to celebrate amid Sydney's planning tangle this year... read more

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